How to select rubber and thickness.

All resoles are half soles unless otherwise stated.
Half sole (1/2 sole) replaces the rubber from the front of the shoe to behind the ball of the foot.
Rubber types – most shoes come with around 4mm of rubber. If you would like them to last longer choose a thicker and/or harder rubber. We do not recommend thick rubbers for downturned shoes.
Rubber thickness:
3mm-3.5mm Thin – good for sensitivity but less durable.
4mm-4.2mm Normal – standard on most shoes.
5mm-5.5mm Thick – durable but not sensitive.
Rubber categories:
Durable/Stiffer – XS Edge, Onyxx, Neo Force
Normal – XS Grip, C4, Neo Fuse
Stickiest/Softer – Science Friction 3, HF, MI6
Resoler’s Choice – Choose this if you would like the same or close to the same rubber and thickness that came on your shoes, or if you would like try a new rubber you can add in the comments box how you would like your shoes to perform.