COVID-19 Update: July 21, 2020

We are still operating at a limited capacity at this time.

There are industry shortages in some supplies needed for resoling. This may cause some delays in turnaround time.

Our local pick up and drop offs through Nomad Ventures are unavailable until further notice. Orders must be submitted through the website and mailed in. All completed orders are being shipped out.

We are limiting our exposure by reducing our trips in to town. This includes picking up and mailing out packages. Sorry for any delays this may cause.

Please reach out to us through the contact tab in our menu if you have any questions.

About Us

Positive Resoles has been a part of Joshua Tree for almost three decades. Over the years we have innovated new techniques that allow for higher quality resoles and longer life out of your shoes.

We offer a local drop off and pick up service through Nomad Ventures in Joshua Tree, CA.