Resole services available:

The half-sole is rubber from the tip of the big toe to the midway arch of the shoe.  This is the most common repair needed.

Rand Repair:
The rand is the thin rubber around and on top of the toe box.  It needs to be repaired if there are weak spots or holes. 
We will not do unnecessary work on your shoes, but may call you if we think you need a rand repair that you did not request.

Current Rubber Choices:
5.10 Stealth C4 Dot :
For approach shoes
5.10 Stealth C4 Thick:
5.5mm, very sticky.  Our most popular all-around rubber.

5.10 Stealth C4 Thin:
4.2mm, very sticky, very sensitive, high performance rubber.
5.10 Onyxx:
4.2mm. Another great rubber from 5.10 as featured on their high performance shoes.
5.10 Mi6:
To make your next mission possible.
5.10 HF:
For high friction applications.

Vibram XS Edge:
4.0mm. Our firmest rubber.  Lasts longer.  Great for rental shoes.
Mad Rock Fx5 Science Friction: The latest MadRock rubber.
We occasionally have a "guest appearance" rubber available for resoles. If you don't see a rubber you want on
the list above, email us... We just might have something you are looking for.



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